Living Schoolyard Activity Guide - Midwest Edition
Created and edited by Green Schoolyards America.

Includes 38 activity ideas from 33 organizations working in the central USA, intended for PreK - 12 grade students!

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International School Grounds Month Activity Guide (English version) Edited by Green Schoolyards America, published by the International School Grounds Alliance. This Activity Guide includes 50 activity ideas from 37 organizations in 17 countries across the globe. Topics include art, recreation, health and other themes!  ​Download PDF

Living Schoolyard Activity Guide - California Edition 

Created and edited by Green Schoolyards America.

Includes 59 activity ideas from 55 organizations across California, intended for PreK - 12 grade students! 

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2016 International School Grounds Month ​Activity Guide  (Chinese version) Edited by Green Schoolyards America, published by the International School Grounds Alliance, translated by Dr. Ching-fen Yang. Download PDF

The Table of Contents for all three guides will help you find the perfect activity for your classroom.

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The 2016 Living Schoolyard Activity Guides were created in honor of Living Schoolyard Month and International School Grounds Month. They were developed by Green Schoolyards America in collaboration with our colleagues from 123 organizations across the US and the globe who contributed a wide range of ideas to help schools bring students outside and use their school grounds to their fullest.

Including 147 hands-on activities for PreK-12th grade students, the Guides covers a range of themes including: Art, Recreation, Health, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Stewardship, Schoolyard Agriculture, Energy and Climate, Thoughtful Use of Materials, and Place-Based Understanding.

Activities in the Guides were written by organizations that include: schools and districts, local and state government agencies, non-profits, museums, universities and businesses.

We encourage schools to celebrate Living Schoolyard Month using the ideas in our Activity Guides, and other activities they develop themselves. After the event, schools can send in a summary of their celebrations and we will share them on our blog. Send information and photographs of your green schoolyard celebrations and adventures to:
​info at greenschoolyardsamerica dot org.

Free Activity Guides


May is the annual celebration of Living Schoolyard Month in California—an event aligned with the annual global celebration of International School Grounds Month.

Are you looking for ideas about how to bring students outside at school? The free, downloadable Activity Guides in this section, compiled by Green Schoolyards America, include 147 hands-on activities written by 123 organizations. Written in honor of the celebrations in May, they are intended for use with PreK - 12th grade students on their own school grounds. They include activities that are directly tied to age appropriate curricula, as well as ideas to enliven recess and increase community engagement.