The Principals' Institute for Living School Grounds


The Green Schoolyards America Principals’ Institute supports school administrators in their pivotal role as leaders of their school community and champions of a healthy and dynamic school environment. The Institute provides resources, advice, professional development and a peer network that helps principals adopt and sustain comprehensive, high quality, green schoolyard programs at their schools. Topics include: research and best practices, place-based education and environmental literacy, using grounds to improve health and well-being, and connections to environmental sustainability.

The Green Schoolyards America Principals’ Institute is co-led by our CEO, Sharon Danks, Principals’ Institute Program Director, Dr. Raymond Isola, and GSA's Program Manager, Erica Fine. 

We will be accepting applications in late Fall 2018 for our 2019 Principals' Institutes in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the greater Los Angeles area. Please contact us if you would like more information on participating in or supporting this program.



School District Partnerships

We help school districts develop comprehensive, sustainable, district-wide green schoolyard programs with strong connections to local sustainable-city planning efforts, regional ecosystems, educational standards, and children’s health. We work with school districts to develop site-specific operational strategies and professional development programs for school administrators to help them adopt and sustain living school grounds.