Green Schoolyards America

Green Schoolyards America is a national organization that expands and strengthens the green schoolyard movement and empowers Americans to become stewards of their school and neighborhood environments. We believe that school grounds are uniquely positioned to enrich the daily lives of children and their communities, occupying both the geographic and social heart of almost every city across the USA and around the world.  

Green Schoolyards America believes that living school grounds can improve the well-being of children, local residents, and the environment at the same time. Our programs support the living school ground movement, build relationships that help it succeed, and work to embed this perspective in our existing institutions and policy and regulatory frameworks.  


What are Living School Grounds?

"Living school grounds are richly layered outdoor environments that strengthen local ecological systems while providing place-based, hands-on learning resources for children and youth of all ages. They are child-centered places that foster empathy, exploration, adventure and a wide range of play and social opportunities, while enhancing health and well-being and engaging the community."

Sharon Danks, CEO, Green Schoolyards America

What We Do


We conduct and compile research that connects children's well-being and academic achievement to the ecological health of their school ground and neighborhood environments.


We advocate for policies that create and support school grounds as dynamic, multi-use, nature-filled public spaces that can improve the well-being of children and the environment at the same time. 


We offer public presentations, professional development programs, and resources to inspire and engage communities and increase awareness and understanding of green schoolyard concepts. We partner with school districts, public agencies and other colleagues to develop city- and state-wide living school ground programs. 


Program Highlights



activity guides

During the month of May each year, the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) calls on schools around the globe to take their students outside to celebrate their grounds. Green Schoolyards America, a member of the ISGA Leadership Council, is helping to spread the celebration of school grounds in the United States during the month of May, and year-round.

The Green Schoolyards America Principals’ Institute supports school administrators in their pivotal role as leaders of their school community and champions of a healthy and dynamic school environment, by providing resources, advice, professional development and a peer network that helps principals adopt and sustain comprehensive, high quality, green schoolyard programs at their schools.

Green Schoolyards America and the International School Grounds Alliance produced a set of collaboratively-written resources in celebration of school grounds across the United States and around the world. Updated annually, the free Activity Guides include a wide range of ideas for use on PreK-12 school grounds, written by 123 organizations in 17 countries.