International School Grounds Alliance

The International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) is a global network of organizations and professionals working to enrich children’s learning and play by improving the way school grounds are designed and used. 

Green Schoolyards America works closely with the ISGA to research international best practices in the green schoolyard field and contributes to an ongoing dialogue that informs our organization's work in the USA. We also collaborate closely on the global celebration of International School Grounds Month each year in May.  Green Schoolyards America's CEO, Sharon Danks, and Advisory Board member Cam Collyer are two of the co-founders of the ISGA and are members of the ISGA's Executive Committee.

The videos below, created at the founding of the ISGA in 2011, and on the 5th anniversary in 2016, provide a window into the green schoolyard field around the world. We are inspired by the diversity and creativity of green schoolyard efforts near and far and are proud to be a member of this supportive community of professionals and organizations.  Please visit the ISGA website for more information about green schoolyards around the world.