Green Schoolyards America

Green Schoolyards America seeks to transform asphalt-covered school grounds into park-like green spaces that improve children’s well-being, learning, and play while contributing to the ecological health and resilience of our cities. We are working to change the norm for school ground design, use, and management so that all children will have access to the natural world in the places they already visit on a daily basis. 

Our programs support the living school ground movement, build relationships that help it succeed, and work to embed this perspective in our existing institutions and policy and regulatory frameworks.  

What We Do


We conduct research that connects children's well-being and academic achievement to the ecological health of their school ground and neighborhood environments.                             


We advocate for policies that enable school grounds to become dynamic, multi-use, nature-filled public spaces that improve the well-being of children and the environment at the same time. 


We partner with school districts, public agencies and other colleagues to develop city- and state-wide living school ground initiatives. We also offer public presentations, professional development, and publications.

Green Schoolyard Transformations

The examples of green schoolyard transformations in this collection illustrate how each school has improved their grounds to better support outdoor learning, diversify play opportunities, and enrich local ecosystems.